public administration

The following is the outline that should be utilized for your research paper.


1. Title Page (Title of paper, the date, for whom and by whom it was prepared.)

2. Table of Contents and List of Figures or Illustrations (if applicable.)

3. Executive Summary (Make this a miniature report.)

4. Scope and Statement of the Problem [This is where the purpose of your investigation should be discussed. Include the research question(s), investigative questions, the hypothesis (if appropriate for your design), and assumptions (if necessary)].

5. Literature Review (This is your exploratory study phase ? secondary data and tertiary sources are required. Don?t forget to use citations!)

6. Methodology [The methods and procedures you used or would have used if you had continued on with primary data collection. How would the research be done or accomplished? Example ? Interview Guide, Likert Scale, Force Field Analysis, and a Qualitative Statement Form. What are the variables? (Dependent and Independent)]

7. Analytical Results (How would you analyze the data? Example ? Likert Scale Application, Force Field Analysis Application, Qualitative Statement Application. Don?t forget your final thoughts or summary of findings at the end. The actual primary data should be placed in this section, if applicable.)

8. Discussion (Overview of your findings. Include the implications ? this is where the importance, the benefit and the future uses of your research should be placed. Do not forget any limitations found after you completed your investigation. Conclusion, recommendations, and possible courses of action.)

9. Bibliography

10. Appendices (Operational definitions, other items.)

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