Psychology in Sport

1. It is not only summary of the 8 pages big paper, but I also prove to instructor and audiences that I know the two CONCEPTS very well. The presentation should use key points (main concept in a concepts) and specific terms from TEXTBOOK by using the examples in the big paper . Thus, it should use impact and outstanding key points in a presentation. For example, the Rs concept is main one in Awareness. Specifically, the recognize, refocus, and release are related to maligning stress. (look ch 10, 180 pgs). Please take a look at the TEXTBOOK about confidence concept, especially self talk. ( ch 14)

2. Please make the presentation in power point, 6-8 slides.

3. Please make a srpt each of slide separately correspond to the each slides of presentation. Total 825 words without All the TITLES. For example, 1 slide: , 2 slide :, 3 slide: .

4. I would just read the srpt with showing the slides in front of audiences. Thus, please use speaking terms on the srpt and use impressive and impact terms, not wordy or not general terms.

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