Promt and topic provided in the instructions

From the book “The new humanities reader” by Richard miller and Kurt Spellmeyer, there is an essay by the title of “Homo Religiosus”. In that Essay, the Author, Karen Armstrong explores the shared roots of modern religion in order to show ways that religion and its rituals were practices that had meaning and purpose in the lives of pre-modern people. These ancestors saw their religion as mythical and metaphorcal, and were likely to repudiate any gods that did not directly influence their daily lives. Using that essay and any contemporary image that has been invested with meaning and signaficance, explore the ways in which modern people invest their lives with meaning and significance.

Some questions to consider:

How does modern worship of the image differ from the religious practices and ritual of pre-modern people? Might the idea or ritual represented by your image enable people to “transcend”, as early religion enabled its followers? What theme does the image share with the theme you found in Armstrong’s essay? In what ways does the image does/ does not the image function practically for people? What is the contexts for the image? Does it have different meanings for different people?

1. Thesis- Last paragraph
2. Image should be described at one point plz.
3. Intro paragraph should be precise, focus on the one aspect Armstrong’s essay that relates to your idea…later on you may address more context as you discuss the ways in which the various aspect relate to your ideas.
4. Have quotations from Armstrong’s essay in the paper.

Please have a works cited page.

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