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a) Describe a novel example of framing (real or made up) in which you present the same outcome in both a positive and negative light, similar to the examples we discussed (slide 12).  Note:  it must be the identical situation, presented two different ways (e.g. 50% full is the same as 50% empty, but one is viewed positively while the other is viewed negatively)!  Explain fully how they’re identical, and why individuals would view the two situations differently.
b) In the video on Savant Music Skills (slide 21), do you feel Derek is an intelligent person?  Explain fully by supporting your argument with at least two specific examples from the video and the lecture notes, incorporated with your own novel interpretations.
c) Do you feel that language development is more nature or nurture?  Explain your reasons fully (e.g. provide specific examples).  Research aspects of other theories of language development that support your reasons and explain these to your classmates.  Include your sources (Wikipedia is not a source)!

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