position essay

Identify a key global challenge for El Salvador country that you deem important and state your position in regards to how to solve the conflict. You should ground your paper using Structural Functionalism. This means that you must identify social institutions and their functions in the context of your crisis and the solutions you are posing. Some questions you should consider (but by no means the only ones) include: which institutions would play a role in solving the crisis? What would their specific functions be? Is the current crisis a consequence of the breakdown of these functions? Your position should be clear throughout the paper. As well, utilize a variety of sources beyond our course texts to help solidify your position on the global challenge.
You MUST address the following points in any way you wish:
Every component of society serves a specific function
Society defines which habits we develop, both positive and negative
Recommended Length: 4-5 pages. APA Format. Times New Roman, 12pt Font. At least three (3) academic sources needed. You must submit via LiveText.

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