politics of looking, and the way looking is attached to acculturated discourses of normalcy to do with the size, shape and perceived abilities of human beings.

1. what is the role of visual technolgy (film, photography and advertising especially) in both the social construction of beauty and ability? Does looking at ‘difference’ reinforce or challenge power relationships?

2. what relationship does normalisation have with difference?

3. Explain how the visual regime of normalisation (Schirato& Webb 2004: 131) influences how we look at disabled and fat bodies.

4. explain what Garland-Thomson means when she says that"disability is a system that produces subjects by differentiating and marking bodies" (2002: 74-75)

5. Explain what Garland- Thomson means by the ‘politics of staring’?

6. Summarise the four visual rhetorics with reference to disability. provide a visual example that relates to one of these visual rhetorics, and explain the link between them.

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