Political Science

The Realist School conceptualizes IR as a competition between nations for power that is usually resolved as a zero-sum game in which Hard Power dominates over Soft Power. Realists focus on national military power as the primary mechanism of international relations and believe in national sovereignty and national unilateral action over bi/multilateral strategies.

The Liberal School conceptualizes IR as a cooperation between nations that should be resolved as a positive-sum game in which Soft Power dominates over Hard Power.  Liberals focus on economic and diplomatic power as the primary mechanism of international relations and believe in levels of extra-national sovereignty and favor bi/multilateral strategies over unilateral action .

The Radical School conceptualizes IR as the exploitation of developing countries by  the powerful (Western, Industrial) nations using both Soft Power and Hard Power to establish dominance and advance their own political and economic power.  Radicals believe the actions by advanced states, be they uni, bi or multilateral, aim at the domination and exploitation of poorer states.

******In so much as Mr. Dukakis touches on issues of International Relations and Foreign Policy, from which school do you believe the intellectual roots of his world view arise?  Why?

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