Policy and Planning of the Crminal Justice System; chapter analysis

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Chapter 5

1 Define and describe the following terms:

(a)   Action planning

This is a blueprint that methodically specifies the sequence of tasks that need to be completed in order to successfully launch or implement the program or policy. It involves specifying, in clear and concise detail, the steps required to implement the program or policy design.

(b)   Resource plan

A resource plan is a comprehensive statement of the specific fiscal, material, and social resources required to implement an intervention. This plan enumerates all the specific costs associated with each program or policy component, including staff salaries, benefits and training; physical space etc.

2. Describe the purposes (goals) of a resource plan.

A resource plan attempts to achieve the following goals:

–          To match resources to objectives: in other words, one must carefully ensure that all the resources necessary to achieve the objectives of the program or policy are in place.

–          To identify the availability of current resources and resources still needed to implement the program or policy design.

–          To control expenditures over a specified period of time, usually by specifying how much money is to be spent over specific periods of time, such as each quarter

To provides data for monitoring fiscal aspects of the program or policy and providing feedback to funding sources and other stakeholders……

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