Physical Appearance Influence in Career Success

Physical appearance has great influences, especially to the career success on the managerial position. The influence in all cases happens to be either positive or negative. It is a fact that needs to be acknowledged even though it is considered to be politically extremely faulty for one to be considered or discarded just because of his physical appearance (Margulis, 2006: 39). This discussion illustrates the role played by physical appearance on career success in managerial positions. It also illustrates different approaches regarding physical appearance in relation to career success.

To start with, it is important to understand the meaning of various concepts in reverence to how they are used in this discussion. One of the concepts is physical appearance which is based on personal observation and how others react. More considerations are on the outward appearance: dressing, body height, body structure, facial impression, and skin color. Career success is a second concept which means the achievement of self- referent goals where in this case it means attaining a managerial position as one’s career. Managerial position concept as used in this essay means the ability of doing things precisely and right through use of organization resources towards achievement of its goals.

The concept of physical appearance is however too broad in that one can use various aspects to categorize it. Various aspects in this case means different characteristic which can be considered while grouping physical appearance in different parts. One of the categories is body appearance and the second one is the facial appearance. Changing ones physical appearance is impossible but one can try on various ways of improving the same. The body appearance can be subdivided on gender, the height, the body structure while facial appearance has to do with dressing, make ups, and skin color among others (Jackson, 1992: 14). Fashion models and basket ball players do not build any interest in this discussion. They are involved in technical positions where they are being managed by others to enhance their performances.

Career success in managerial position is the ability to keep continual managerial momentum. Attaining that position is not only enough in career success as one has to enhance a higher performance, keep on being ambitious for the production of best rewards which are the characteristics of managerial momentum. This means that the success is achieved when one manages to organize different resources to enhance performance. It also means that one has to put in more effort by using much of his time which might call for being at work in elongated hours than the normal working hours. One has therefore to maintain the high managerial integrity which involves honesty, high organization, and good communication skills. Success in managerial position can be measured in both the objectivity and subjectivity. This means that by the position held as a manager and the performance results of the person (Tang, 2000: 142)

The term influence implicates the power that is used or being directed to someone in that it affects some ones way of life or doing of things. This power can either positively affect someone by increasing the chances of acquiring something while in this case refers to the power influence in attaining managerial position as a career success. The power can also induce negative effects where one’s chances of attaining managerial position as a career success are reduced. Out of just physical appearance for example, a tall men who always dress smartly in an organization, might be promoted into managerial positions with the belief that he will also organize things smartly just as his physical outlook. His performance however may have nothing to do with the physical outlook while at the same time he might perform well in that position. Many women have however failed to attain success in their career where they fail to attain managerial position with the bias attitude where many believe that only men who can perform such tasks.

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