Personal Growth Project

Personal Growth Idea: Creating happiness
Definition – “People who are happy tend to compare themselves less to other
people. They are not in a competition with their friends or neighbors and mostly
judge themselves by their own standards.” (pg. 42 of personal growth book)
Example 1 Not using the idea
When I was a teenager, I used to compare my looks to other people and the women
in the media.
Result: I was very unhappy with my looks throughout high school.
Example 2 Not using the idea
When I first started college, I kept comparing my grades on test to the test grades of
my fellow students. I got discouraged and decided I wasn’t “college material”.
Result – I stopped trying, got very poor grades and was unhappy.
Example 3 Using the idea.
This semester, I’ve decided to focus on being healthy instead of trying to look like
the magazine models. I realize there are many different types of beauty.
Result – I enjoy exercising and am happier with my looks.
Example 4 Using the idea.
I recently chose to spend time to try to understand what makes me happy. I realized
it wasn’t “things” as much as it was activities, such as helping to create a clean
environment, reading, walking in the woods, helping others and playing or listening
to music. I stopped comparing what I have to what other had and instead focus on
what I enjoy doing.
Result – I am happier.
Example 5 Using the idea.
I used to be uncomfortable playing my clarinet because I had a friend who could
play better. I decided to stop comparing.
Result – I play much more often now and have even improved as a result of playing

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