Performance Management System Report

Performance Management System Report for your selected business in Kuwait. (Boots)
Imagine that you are the HR Director of your Kuwait business. You have been asked by the company to design and develop a Performance Management System for the company.
1. Business overview
• Company history, type of business, products, services
• Mission and vision statement
• Competitors
2. Performance Management
• Complete definition
• Benefits of performance management
3. KRAs, KPIs and KPSs
• Choose 3 Key Result Areas (KRAs) in the business and for each KRA write 3 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and 3 Key Performance Standards (KPSs)
4. Employee Performance Tracking
• Clearly explain 2 methods used to track employee performance (quantitative and qualitative)
5. Performance Standards
• Explain 3 reasons why employees fail to meet performance standards
• What can be done to solve these problems?
6. Feedback
• List and explain different types of feedback with examples
• Explain the benefits of feedback
• How can effective feedback be given?
7. Employee Reward Methods
• List and explain 4 different types of rewards
• Explanation of why each will work
8. Code of Conduct
• Create a code of conduct for your business – at least 5 rules and regulations explained
9. Risk Management Analysis
• List and explain at least 2 types of risks
• Provide an evaluation of the risks
• Provide solutions and management of risks

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