Paradigm shift

the purpose of this essay assignment is analyze a paradigm shift (fundamental changes in your interpretive framework) in your own life, that is to say, to evaluate critically the ways that your underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, attitudes, and attitudes were transformed as a result of an experience.

Be sure to provide an analysis rather than a narrative or description of your shift.  The following questions will help you formulate your thoughts as you work on your paper:


  • What were your fundamental assumptions, beliefs, values, etc. before and after your shift?
  • In what ways did these beliefs, assumptions, values and attitudes shape or influence your actions and views prior to your shift?  How did their failure to guide you lead to your shift (what contradictions or inconsistencies surfaced)?
  • How did you initially attempt to rationalize these contradictions or inconsistencies?  What insights emerged from these failed rationalizations?
  • How did your paradigm crisis emerge?  How and why did you realize that your framework had reached a crossroads?
  • How did you move beyond your previous framework?
  • How did your shift accommodate your new beliefs, assumptions, attitudes and values as well as some of your previous ones?  In other words, what changed and did not change in your shift?

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