Overlay of websites for collaboration and evaluation



Technology has revolutionized the world, making it a global village. It is through social sites such as twitter, facebook among others that have effected communication. Nevertheless, these social sites have shortcomings. They are hosted by central authority, which rely on single domains to host personal data for their clients. This is done in trust that, clients’ data will remain private, though no much control can be ventured.

In order to cub the above mentioned short coming, it is advisable to use alternative models such as friend to friend, where data sharing is managed and can be shared to trusted users only. The only short coming of this model is that it requires users to stay online most of the time in order to update data changes. This turns out to be time and resource consuming, but leaves clients’ data and personal details intact for they decide on whom to share the information to.

Collaborative tools helps in transforming the way data is shared in order to boost team work and group togetherness. Website collaboration is in line with the way humans interact. This is through the three modes human beings use. They are: conversations, transactions, and collaborations. Basically, they are all entities to facilitate effective communication between humans.

There are certain software’s used for enabling users in different physical locations to interact as though they were near each other. Such software’s are called collaborative software’s, and basically they are modified to help users to achieve their goals. These kinds of software’s are designed for people working on the internet, but in different physical locations. It not only enables communication, but also can act as storage system, to store data which can be used worldwide by member groups under the same work group.


The internet is not privately owned; therefore no one is in control of the content being posted there. It is the mandate of the students, as well as the teachers and all other users to critically evaluate the content they are using. This is to check if it is from a reliable author, with up to date validation, and if the information given is true. This can be achieved by comparing different articles to see if they contain similar if not the same information. Also, confirmation of the creditworthy the author is. This can be done by verifying different articles he or she has done, and following the comments there in.

Evaluation can also be done in a blog or a forum. This is done by a group of internet users, who follow up a certain article, and give out their honest opinion on how they judge the article. This can be a good way to evaluate if the article is genuine and can be used.


     In a nutshell, it is through the internet that the world has grown up to become a global village. Information technology has revolutionized the globe, with the help of the World Wide Web. In addition, collaborating information to work in groups, making it easy and more effective for people working in different physical location to achieve their goals has been as a result of technology, brought through website.

Therefore it’s the mandate for the internet users to evaluate critically on the information they are viewing in the internet for it is not all that which is there is the gospel truth.

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