overfishing, global food issue, impact of overfishing on consumer, but a balanced view

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if you can include overfishing as the topic, and points like , some history like cod, in new foundland,what is current situation with fish species n their stock, how overfishing i shappening, method like trawleing , discards or bycatch is bad… we will lose the essential food source, protein..how many depend on it for food, jobs , livelihood. but what are the solutions to the problem, sustainability, aquaculture of fish farming, awareness in consumers, need to change attitude n may be eat less fish, or eat different species…and politician need to change the policies….and anything more u can think of…thank you ( harvard style referencing) ( which i am fine to do if you want to do a numerical one, and give me the details of sources

should be an essay or structured essay (with sub-headings) – either is acceptable. You should decide on the title of your essay once you have selected your food issue

The essay should be thoroughly researched using a wide range of appropriate library and Internet sources. Where possible you should cite relevant examples to illustrate the point(s) you are making

Essay marking scheme:
1) Selection and justification of an appropriate food issue (20% of marks)
•Clearly outline the subject matter and scope of your essay, provide some introductory data and explain why the issue you have chosen to write about is so important. Finish by clearly stating the aims of your essay.

2) Balanced analysis and discussion of the issue using a variety of appropriate sources of information (50% of marks)
•This section should be based on your research into the subject – not simply your opinions. You need to present evidence (ie references) to support the statements you make, and make sure that what you write fits in with the aims you stated in your introduction. Make sure you discuss the issues surrounding your topic: what are the advantages and disadvantages, who benefits, who loses, are there any problems and if so, can they be resolved, etc. You are asked to write a balanced analysis so do not simply approach your topic from one viewpoint.

3) Conclusions (20% of marks)
•Here you should summarise the key points and arguments contained in your essay. In effect, the conclusions should be the answers to your aims. You should not introduce new information into your conclusion

4) Overall presentation (10% of marks)
•Things you should pay attention to include correct use of references, correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, appropriate sentence and paragraph construction and an appropriate scientific writing style. See your key skills communication book for more detail

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