Organizational Behavior

For this assignment, imagine that you are an external OB consultant who is hired to study two organizations—at the end of the project you will provide a short and succinct presentation to a very busy executive team.
Note that for this assignment, the Instructor will be the only person to view it. You will not present to a group and you will send the presentation electronically to the instructor.
You will need to apply three of the five OB topics below to TWO organizations:
1. Power and politics
2. Conflict and negotiation
3. Organizational culture
4. Organizational structure
5. Decision making, creativity and ethics
Topics chosen other than these topics require written permission from the instructor. Topics and presentations associated with other courses (HR, marketing, etc.) are not allowed. Presentations “recycled” from other courses will result in a zero grade.
Questions to be answered by the paper
Please use headings and answer each of the four questions in order.
1. Describe each organization and discuss the three OB practices and two organizations that you are analyzing.
2. How were the three OB practices demonstrated in each organization. What is the impact on the individuals, groups, an d structure? How do  their uses and effectiveness compare and contrast with each
3. Based on your analysis, what is done effectively and why? What alternatives do you recommend for improvement with respect to the three practices when compared to each organization?
4. What can be learned from the two organizations that you analyzed?

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