Operations Management in Business

LO1: Understand the structure and aims of business organisations
LO1.1 Explain the importance of operational management
You have been appointed as an Operations Manager at “Kingslice”, a bread producing company. The company expects you to use your expertise to improve productivity and profitability. Explain why your position as an operation manager is important to Kingslice company in meeting its business objectives.
LO1.2 Explain the need to produce safely; on time; to cost; to quality and within the law
As an operation manager explain how you achieve the operational efficiency in terms of improvement in safety, reduction in cost and time, controlling quality and management of compliance issues in Kingslice?

LO1.3 Explain the link between operations management and strategic planning.
As an operations manager at Kingslice explain how would you apply strategic planning in managing your department.
LO1.4 Produce a systems diagram to illustrate a typical business
Suggest an appropriate organizational system with suitable diagram for the high turnover company like Kingslice.

LO2: Understand the link between operations management and strategic planning
LO2.1 Explain the ���Three Es’ (economy, efficiency and effectiveness)

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