Offshore drilling is a basic procedure that requires steps that specifies its consequences. Familiarity of the optimistic and destructive results defines its perception. The involvement of the government and other environmental companies communicate their ideas of offshore drilling (Belinda, 2011). Most of the case, many people have argued negative approaches outwitting the positive results. What if the government takes the precaution? The question still remains, how safe is it to the environment?

Nature and techniques of offshore drilling

Its nature argues two models, progressive results and negative tactics. Offshore drilling is important to the country’s economy through the use of modernized technology.  According to Greenpeace New Zealand Campaigner, Director Carmen Gravatt, he expresses his negative impact on offshore drilling by arguing “deep water oil drilling is inherently dangerous and accidents can have devastating effects on the marine environment, with huge economic consequences for the tourism and fishing industries” ( Greenpeace New Zealand, 2010).

The positive outcome of GNS chief director is to define a stable economy in New Zealand. Offshore drilling requires modernised technology that brings the country to invest a large scale of finance on equipment and other expenses. It requires governmental allegiance and analysis of the positive outcomes and undesirable results of the process (Manu Caddie, 2011).

Importance of offshore drilling New Zealand waters

The economic graph of New Zealand can increase tremendously when the resources are exploited. Alex Malafoff, the GNS Chief Director argues that New Zealand is in a position of making use of its resources, as involvement on land productivity is not enough to increase the economy of New Zealand, therefore it is more substantial to involve minerals at the sea. Malahoff said “97 per cent of New Zealand was underwater and people needed to realize the Government needed to find new revenue in new places”. The main argument of Malafoff is to make good use of the resources in the country to aim at increasing the economic status of the country through the exploitation of the resources. He signifies that if they exploit the minerals in their country, they will be able to increase their revenue and be able to stabilize their economy (Manu Caddie, 2011).

Arguments against off shore drilling

There are main arguments discouraging offshore drilling in New Zealand. One of the arguments is preceded by citizens arguing that they need a clean and green environment without any alteration of the short term gain by the international oil companies. For instance, Gulf Mexico is massive than New Zealand, and experienced a huge massive environmental destruction through the drilling process and up to now the environment is polluted (Otago Daily Times, 2010). The New Zealand Government has not defined a concise report on the environmental protection of offshore drilling regarding the negative causes of its nature. Malahoff argues that the environmental protection reports will be defined after the drilling has started but who remains responsible after the destruction. Will they turn to the government or to the citizens who pay taxes? This is where the Minister of Energy & Resources and the Big Oil Lobby has made some honest claims like the tax payers will be responsible for the destructions (Otago Daily Times, 2010).


            Offshore drilling is a significant environmental concern that countries must address. With this regard, The New Zealand Government has not defined a concise report on the environmental protection of offshore drilling regarding the negative causes of its nature.


It is important for the government to take such a procedure through focusing the main ideas of environment before undertaking the off shore drilling process. Supporting statements from the government on how safe the environment will be required before the drilling process, and how the government will hold responsibilities in case of negative impacts.

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