Of Mice and Men: QUESTIONS

Words: 169
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays


1. Using 2 or 3 sentences for each, express your knowledge about and or impression of the following characters.

Candy (The Old Swamper)  Curly  Curlys Wife  Slim  Carlson

2. Do you see any danger or difficultty- general or quite specific – shaping up for George and Lennie in these chapters? Explain in 3-4s

3. The story of Candys dog probably serves several purposes.
a)does it dramatize or highlight candys situation,? explain 2s
b)does it reflect any calue or characteristic of the world of the novel? explain 1-2s
c)if you suspect that it is foreshadowing, what sort of event do you think it might prefigure? explain 1-2s

4. How yould you describe the place of women in the world of this novel? Refer to the expressed attitudes of the men in it. 1-2s

5. How and why will Candy be involved in George and Lennies plans? 1s

6. Why does Curley attack Lennie? 1s

7. Explain Slims solution to the problem(s) presented by Curleys mangled hand. 1s

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