New strategies of general motors

You are to select a company(General Motors) that is prevalent in the market that had to respond to market demands to sustain in the market or survive from the potential of closing its doors. The company that has redefined their overall business strategy whether it is adding new services, merger, or partnerships. The idea is to locate published current research and synthesize your findings.
As part of your research, you must base your understanding on three (3) peer reviewed academic articles. These articles should be based on the company or the concepts in which you are expanding. You are asked to compare and contrast the articles; provide relevant arguments with a minimum of eight (8) additional resources.
Requirements: A collegiate style paper comprehensively supported with in-text citations. You may also utilize graphics (ie…data analysis such as bar charts, pie charts, etc..). Include: abstract, introduction, data section, Literature Cited, method section, recommendation, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, and references list  Headings and additional principles of report writing. You will conclude with your findings and recommendations. A well-developed paper should be able to address all points within 15 pages at maximum and no less than 10 pages.
The following points need to be addressed in your research (Learning outcomes 2-4). You are not educating the reader on what these points are in definition; you are analysing, synthesizing and putting into practicum your understanding how these issues apply to General Motors company decision to make strategic business decisions.

(About General Motors)
LO:1 Understand the process of strategic planning
1.1)Explain strategic contexts and terminology-missions, visions, objectives, goals, core competencies
1.2)Review the issues involved in strategic planning
1.3)Explain different planning techniques
LO2: Be able to formulate a new strategy
2.1) Produce an organisational audit for a given organisation
2.2) Carry out an environmental audit for a given organisation
2.3)Explain the significance of stakeholder analysis

LO 3: Understand the appraches to strategy evaluation and selection
3.1) Analyse possible alternative strategies relating to substantive growth,limited growth or retrecnment
3.2)Select an appropriate future strategy for a given organisation

LO4: Understand how to implement a chosen strategy
4.1) Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation
4.2)Evaluate resource requirements to implement a new strategy for a given organisation
4.3) Discuss targets and timescales for achievement in a  given organisation to monitor a given strategy

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