Networks & Applications

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Networks & Applications
Assignment 3
Due: 4 pm Monday of Week 13 (8th August 2011)
Credit: 15 marks
In this assignment you are requested to answer the four questions:
Question 1: (4 marks)
A router has the following (CIDR) entries in its routing table:
Address/mask Next hop Interface 0 Interface 1 router 1
default router 2
For each of the following IP addresses, what does the router do if a packet with that address arrives?
Question 2: (3 marks)
Write HTML codes which output the following table or layout. You need to display text and colour fields, but borders need not be shown.
Question 3: (3 marks)
Review all the Java classes given in the folder called TCPThreaded from for workshop 7. It’s a complete example for TCP simple application, called “Score Service”, which can be used for developing networked computer games. It consists of client and server programs. The server maintains a high scores list, and the client reads and adds scores to the list. In this implementation, the server is threated, enabling it to process multiple clients at the same time. Have a practice with this TCP application. You may create two “commands” windows, one for server and another for client.
List all the Java classes, provided by Java 1.6 API from the following link, , which are related the concept of socket for communication between client and server. Briefly describe the functions of each such class.
Question 4: (4 marks)
A client computer is linked via Ethernet LAN to a default router, through which the client may communicate with its server on the Internet. The ARP cache of this client is
shown below:
client# arp -a
Net to Media Table
Device IP Address Mask Flags Phys Addr
—— ——————– ————— —– —————

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