Linguistics Borrowing in Indonesia

In the discussion of borrowing (in the history / causes sections), would like to see something more like:
Language, nature of contact with Bahasa Indonesia, domains of borrowing with examples,
eg: arabic when it had contact with Bahasa Indonesia (language of religion), example more religious terms… etc about arabic….


Sanskrit– when? –language of religion as well long time ago before Islam came to Indonesia, usually cultural terms.. example word "bahasa" in Indonesia which means "language" is adopted from sanskrit something like that,


Dutch– when?–as colonial language–example and discuss more about dutch and indonesia

then English –when?– as global language–example?? etc etc

then portugese– when?–by trading–example…

In the discussion of impact you could either:
– discuss studies of frequency of borrowing bahasa Indonesia texts(if they exist)
– discuss attitudes to borrowing

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