Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the renowned American actors. Born in 1968, Johnny Depp has for a long time taken the film industry by storm for featuring in so many movies since the establishment of his career in the film industry in 1980s. From the first series known as 21 jump streets, Johnny has been featured in many movies and series through the years and his recent movie Rango was in 2011.  Through the years, Johnny has featured in about 44 movies though some of them have not been released yet. Being in the film industry was not the first choice of career that Johnny wanted; he had dropped out in school to pursue a career in rock music. The change of this desire changed when he met Nicolas Cage. Through his career in the film industry, Johnny has enjoyed many awards. Among these awards is the best actor’s award, which he won due to his role in Sweeney Todd movie. One of the best renowned piece of work that Johnny was involved in is in the movie the pirates of the Caribbean, which he took the role of the captain. For Johnny, the acting career has come even in monetary achievement as he has a gross estimation of earning about $2.6 billion in United States and another $6 billion all over the world

My admiration for Johnny runs through the fact that he has used the little that life has given him to achieve a lot in this world. The fact that he was a school drop out and he ended up to be one of the greatest movies stars in the world today is an indication of that.  Being a drop out to some people sometimes leaves them hopeless in their lives and some even involve themselves in crime. For Johnny, the case was different; he took that chance to focus in other talents and interest he had that was music, and the film industry. The fact that he has a French ancestry did not limit him from achieving his dream of becoming an actor. Johnny is an inspiration to many people who are not of American ancestry who think they have fewer chances to make it in life. As many say the world might not remember you for what you achieved but the impact you influenced people in your generation; Johnny has lived this talk. He has supported organizations that support young children who have conditions that threaten their lives. Helen and Douglas house is one of the charity organizations in the United Kingdom that Johnny supports. Johnny has also embraced the desire of giving in the society, as it is notable that he donated about $2 million to a hospital in London for support of children who were suffering of rare conditions. His contribution  to helping  children has not gone unnoticed as year 2006 saw him achieve receive the courage of care award due his contribution to children hospitals in Los Angeles for children whose parents ca not afford medical health care. The desire to help has always been in Johnny, as he participated in recording a voice database aimed in helping a British child who was in a coma. In this account, he was quoted to say that he would do what it takes to help the child. His helping hand towards fighting against HIV/AIDS can also be seen in his campaign where he aims to distribute condoms to people and promotes the need for people to practice safer sex.

The works of art of Johnny Depp are known in the world over. He has achieved so much success through his work and he has been an inspiration to many, especially young actors. He has one of the longest career in the acting business, year in year out he has produced or been in production of great movies. However, though this is his personal achievements, he has taken the success he has achieved to benefit other people by the numerous contributions he has made his lifetime, especially in the helping of children. His actions even go beyond this as he has made great contribution in promoting safe sex through promotion of Trojan condoms

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