issues that affect business and constituents.

You are an issues analyst who has just joined the staff of a newly elected U.S. Senator.  Your new boss has asked you to advise her on key issues that affect business and her constituents.  You’ll research the material in one of the contentious issues listed below, then write a position paper and a short opinion piece

•        Education: To improve schools, should we base teachers’ pay and promotions on accountability measures like how well students score on standardized tests?
•        Unions: Are unions (public sector, private sector or both) still useful to society or have they become counterproductive?
•        Drugs: Should marijuana be legalized in California?
•        Immigration: should the new immigration bill support an amnesty for otherwise law abiding illegal residents?
•        Intellectual property: from music and movie pirating to the Wikileaks case and the death of Aaron Swartz, should intellectual property be protected or free and available on the Internet?

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