Industrial revolution vs information revolution

write a paper that considers and analyzes an important American historical event (the primary event) (cause and effect), then compares and contrasts that event with another historical/current event (the secondary event) that has/had similar political, social, and/or cultural implications.  Examples: The current economic crisis & the Great Depression, President Obama’s first 100 days & FDR’s first 100 days, the war in Iraq & Vietnam, 9/11 & Pearl Harbor, Columbus steps onto Hispaniola and Neil Armstrong steps on the moon.

What is the historical event?

What caused the situation to exist?

What were possible solutions and consequences?

Who choose the path taken & why?

Was it the best path to take given the circumstances?

What historical/current event does it compare to?

How does this event compare and contrast with the first discussed?

What is to be proven about these two events

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