individual’s contribution to the African – American Civil Rights Movement

write an approximately five to ten page paper on that individual’s contribution to the African – American Civil Rights Movement. The paper should consist of a brief biography of the individual and the importance of what that individual (or his family) did enhance the Civil Rights movement in America.

1. Ella Baker 2. Ralphe Bunche 3. Stokley Carmichael

4. Shirley Chisolm 5. W.E.B.Dubois 6. James Farmer

7. Marcus Garvey 8. Jesse Jackson 9. James Baldwin

10. John R. Lewis 11. Malcolm X 12. Thurgood Marshall

13. Huey P. Newton 14. A. Phillip Randolph
15. Booker T. Washington

16. Roy Wilkins 16. Medgar Evers

17. Andrew Young 18. Whitney Young

19. H. Rapp Brown 2 0. Ralph Abernathy
21. Fredric Douglass 22. Sojurner Truth
23. Hariett Tubman 24. George Washington Carver
25. Louis Armstrong  26. Paul Robeson
27. Duke Ellington

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