In this assignment, you will compare and contrast the concept of “nature” from the earliest writings (The Iroquois League & the work of Jonathan Edwards) to the later American idea of nature found in the work of Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman.

This assignment should reflect your understanding of the works you’ve chosen to discuss, and explain—based on research—how the earlier work influences the later pieces, and analyze how the literature reflected the culture of the time. Historical context is discussed in the textbook, and can be used as supporting material in your paper.

The final paper must include a thesis—this is a statement which you will be supporting throughout your paper.  You will make claims and provide evidence to show those claims are true.  Support your claims by citing research—quotes or ideas—from other authors.  When citing an author, it’s best to explain how the quote supports your original idea, present the quote, and then show how that quote advances your claims.  [Resources for how to use quotes and other research can be found in the Ashford Writing Center.]

This paper should focus on the ideas, beliefs, values, images, and writing of literature at hand, and in the context of the selected works.  Your personal life experiences should not be used as evidence in making your claims.  Keep your ideas rooted in the text.  For sources other than the primary works found in the textbook, it is recommended you turn to the Recommended Readings, all found in JSTOR through the Ashford Online Library.  Feel free to search for other articles in that database—they are all credible and recognized for academic integrity.

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