This repot briefly states and expresses my own thoughts and sentiments, perception of others, personality within study and work, attitudes towards personal activities and values as well a thorough analysis of all these aspects realized during the group project. In other words, I would like to share some of the self-realization and a few insights that I have picked up while doing the project.
Working on a group project means teamwork and being nice and considerate towards your team /group mates, this plays an integral part of the success of the project. Another thing that I quickly realized for myself was that the theoretical learning is not enough. Potential opportunities and actual experiences have a huge impact on perception, personality, attitudes and values on the learning process itself. As the cliché goes Learning is a continuous process and that experience is also one of the best teachers. Knowing is different from having the feel of it and really doing it in real life. This experience was like real work in the real job environment.
The group project taught me a lot about handling time and keeping to the schedule. It trained me to be mindful of the time and respect the time of others that am working with. Because of this, I realized how important planning and organization is, as well as managing my time and schedule not only when am working but also in my personal life. Although, this experience is more like a practice exercise, this is the first real hands on experience I ever had working as a team.

I always had an alternative opinion to every approach from our group leader, but we always found common ground after much deliberations and persuasion. This was very beneficial to our groups’ effectiveness since there was no dominance from the leader in solving this problem of the communication issue between dentists and other parties.

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