Health 110: Concepts in Personal and Community Health Community Resources Project

The paper should give an overview of AIDS/HIV and detail two community resources available to support individuals who are experiencing AIDS/HIV.


Pick a health issue (AIDS/HIV) about which you would like to learn more. You may use a topic we covered/will cover in class or pick an issue from the book. Note: you must be able to identify two community resources that are available to support individuals who are affected by your chosen issue.

Research your topic and resources: Find sources that provide basic information on AIDS/HIV and look for community resources that are available for support. You must choose 2 resources to present:

Resource #1 must be a physical, local organization.

Resource #2 must be an online resource

2. Give a brief overview of the issue and scope of the problem, to include: prevalence, statistics, populations affected, etc.

3. Give an overview of your two chosen community resources, to include: name of organization, location, hours of availability, services provided, populations served, and any other pertinent information. IMPORTANT: for the LOCAL organization, you must interview someone that works with the organization and provide information from this interview in your paper.

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