Heritage Oil & Gas Ltd Vs Uganda Revenue Authority (Civil Appeal No 14 Of 2011

“If Heritage Oil win this case and avoid paying tax, there will be a deep sense of injustice in Uganda for many years to come,” said George Boden, a Campaigner at Global Witness. “Last year the UK provided 84 million pounds in aid to Uganda. As one of the country’s biggest donors we need to question the hypocrisy of a London Arbitration process which deprives Ugandan civil society of the ability to hold their own Government to account on vast public assets.”


Extract from the article on, “Heritage Oil arbitration case in London deprives Ugandan citizens of right to information.” – 23rd August 2012 )

Task :-

With reference to the quotation above, critically evaluate the grounds of appeal and comment on the reasons which contributed to the success of this case.

Heritage Oil & Gas Ltd Vs Uganda Revenue Authority (Civil Appeal No 14 Of 2011

Marking Scheme

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