Discussion 9

What makes adolescence such a unique time for violence and mental health issues?
Comment on the 6 goals detailed in the New Freedom Report

Discussion 10

What individual and policy approaches have been recommended to minimize violence among youth in the U.S.?
From the Flannery article about the impact of violence on MH, what do you think about the realization that witnesses of violence may indeed be victims themselves?

Discussion 11

What factors influence sexual behaviors (either to engage in sexual behaviors or not)?
How do you think those factors played into the real-life situation of the 14 year old girl that was filmed performing oral sex on a same-aged boy (as discussed in the NPR audiocast in this week’s folder)?

Discussion 12

How does the information from the SIECUS comprehensive sexuality education program relate to factors that we think influence our sexuality and ultimately, sexual behavior? (See the link for this document in this week’s folder)

Discussion 13

Begin to have some discussion about the factors that contribute to our “obesogenic” society (think “cells” to “society” for those factors).

Discussion 14

What theoretical model(s) would you recommend for preventing obesity and why (see Reading #26 for assistance formulating a response)?

Discussion 15

Share some final thoughts about obesity relative to this week’s readings.

Discussion 16

In the documentary, “The Vaccine War,” a British physician, Dr. Wakefield, is discussed who published research linking vaccines to autism or other medical complications.


a. Briefly describe the results/findings of Dr. Wakefield’s initial research findings regarding the association of vaccines and autism.


b. Dr. Wakefield’s research was later investigated. What were the findings of that investigation? Be specific.


c. How did individuals who believe vaccines are a danger react to the news of the results of the investigation of Dr. Wakefield’s research?


Discussion 17

In the documentary, “The Business of Being Born,” they described what is termed the “snowball effect” that often occurs to women delivering in hospitals and that often results in a cesarean section (“C-section”).  Describe was meant by the “snowball effect.” Be specific and provide enough detail to adequately demonstrate your understanding of the term and the resulting process that occurs in the hospital.

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