Going Green

ONLY CITE THE ARTICLES ATTACHED. NO FURTHER CITATIONS needed. Answer the following from the articles attached: oing green. You could easily be very cycnical on the one hand, or very Pollyannish on the other regarding this chapter. My first reaction, frankly, was that Stenzil included it in the book because it was the correct thing to do. I really doubt that green is a self-conscious act of the executive to save the planet. Much of what we read in this chapter arises because the technology has presented itself, and there is a business case to be made for using it; virtualized servers is an example. I operate a virtualized computing environment because it is cheaper and easier to maintain. Many organizations have shifted to low energy fluorescent lighting. LED lighting will come into vogue as well when the cost comes down. What is the CIOs concern with going green? Do the benefits out weigh the costs at some point? If you are interested, you can introduce other green technologies to the discussion. Nanotechnologies are very prevalent in these conversations

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