Giving Microsoft Office Software to students

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Who would argue this? Find your research for this. Some people argued that the students can go to the public library to access Microsoft office but the students might not have a ride there. Some parents are still at work when the students get home from school. Without the parent the student cannot get a ride to the library. What people??Some people say let the child walk to the library. They do not take into fact that the child live to far of s distance from the library to walk. If the child lives in rural area, sometimes there are no public transportations for the child to use to get to the library.

GREAT topic sentence. In order for a student to be able to do their schoolwork public schools should give their students Microsoft office software. The prices for the software can be costly some parents. Research the price for software for students.  Where have these programs worked?  What evidence have you found that supports the fact that Microsoft word has fivendiscounts to parents? Schools? The students need the software so they can do the work correctly. Some public libraries have Microsoft office but some students may not be able to get there. If the students can have the software then they can do their work outside of school. What is your concluding sentence.

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