Question 1 [4 marks] [Maximum of 200 words]

Explain the term ‘Metadata’ as related to a GIS. Discuss why this is becoming

an important part of most GIS and what problems you are likely to face if you

had to work on a GIS developed by someone else but there was no metadata

attached to it.

Question 2 [4 marks] [Maximum of 300 words]

“Whether a feature is represented as a point or a polygon in a GIS data base is

entirely dependent on the nature of the phenomena itself.”

Do you agree with this statement? Explain

Question 3 [6 marks] [Maximum of 400 words]

Review the issues involved in selecting a resolution for a raster GIS project.

What resolutions would be appropriate for the following problems: (a)

determining logging areas in a National Forest, (b) finding suitable locations for

backcountry campsites, (c) planning a national highway from Melbourne to


Question 4 [6 marks] [Maximum of 600 words]

Write an essay discussing the raster and vector data models. In your

discussion include issues such as: the strengths and weaknesses of the two

models, the costs of setting up the two data models, common sources of data

for the 2 models, different scenarios in which one model would be preferred

over the other, and why most spatial datasets have data in both formats. Give

examples where possible. EM334/534 Introduction to GIS 2

Question 5 [Approximately 2000 words]


Write a detailed essay on “Datums and Map Projections”. In your discussion,

include issues such as:

 The importance of datums and map projections

 Some common map projections in current use

 The map projections used in Australia

 A time line of map projection changes in Australia

 Why all data layers within a GIS analysis need to be in the same map


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