Fruitless Fall

Fruitless Fall

The author develops Rachel Carson caution of a fruitless fall, a period when pollination will not take place resulting in unproductive spell. In this book he describe a period around 2007 when bee farmers in north America and Europe, found their bee hives empty with bees migrating to other continent. He describes Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), as the cause of the migration. According to him a loss of the honey bee will give two blows to mankind. That is agriculture loses in productivity due to inadequate bees to pollinate flowering plants and honey. Agriculture is so dependent on bees for pollinating fruits, vegetables and other plants, that if their populations continue to decline, it will render a bigger loss to the sector. This book investigates the causes of CCD and the frightening decline of bees’ population in the world. In so doing, this book gives an account of looming agricultural crisis and describes how flowering plants are pollinated.

This book is very important because it highlights something that all human beings need to be concerned about. Approximately 80% of human food depends on flowers fertilization, and flowering plants relies on insects such as bees to spread their pollen grain. Only a few other plants depend on other forms of pollination like animals, wind and water for seed dispersal. There is also the food web interconnection that would further exacerbate the condition. This book is very useful because it points at some possible causes of the dwindling population of bees in North America and Europe. Some of the stressors that this book suggest could be involved in bees migration are global warming, genetically modified foods that no longer requires them, mites infestations, exposure to pesticide, electromagnetic radiations among others. These stressors have posed a challenge to bees’ immune system.

This book is very important to students pursuing agriculture and sciences, as well as to farmers and policymakers. It introduces the bees’ lifecycle, colonies survival during winter and the wonderful ways of bees’ existence in the hive. Readers also learn the different types of bee species in the world that totals to 20, 000. For instance, he talks about the European import bee a crone bee that is not resistant, but famers in these continents are so reliant on. This book describes bees as a key species and in case they are removed the entire ecosystem would collapse. Consequently, bees have a vital role in the future of animals and plants, thus their survival is paramount.

I learnt so many new things about bees, but the lesson about their value to human life is the most interesting. I have come to understand the interdependence on bee among mankind and other animals. I realized that we need bees to prosper and stay healthy. Further that their population has been declining, with the highest rate of decline being observed a few years from now. I also learnt that this is due to what he calls CCD, which causes cannot be connected to a single cause. This book, suggest that human are responsible for increasing bees stressors through their modern ways of life. For instance, the use of fructose corn syrup to feed bee in place nectar is not common to keep them pollinating crops. I like the section that delves at the various causes that can be attributed to bee migration. His use of questions to highlight possible cause is interesting.

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