Fostering Ethical Leadership in Legislative Institutions: Leveraging Rule Utilitarianism for Effective Interventions.

The topic of the in-depth paper is a deep dive into the scholarly literature on Rule Utilitarianism, one of the ethical perspectives as presented by Johnson and represented in assigned readings.
Johnson, C. E. (2015). Meeting the ethical challenges of leadership: Casting light or
shadow (5th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

The academic argument paper should include the following elements:
•a thesis (or claim)
“By utilizing rule utilitarianism as a guiding framework, legislators are able to pass legislation that prioritize adherence to ethical rules or principles with the goal of maximizing overall social welfare. This helps to cultivate a culture within the legislative bodies that values integrity, accountability, and ethical decision-making.”
•reasons derived from a deep dive into scholarly literature that support the claim
•acknowledgement of counterarguments or views that challenge the writer’s statements and evidence which respond to those challenges
•a descriiption of specific conditions under which the argument or counterargument may hold true.

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