Fight over fresh water

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Fresh water would be defined as to have a low concentration of salt with the levels normally below 1%. These fresh water areas could be divided into ponds and lakes, streams and rivers, as well as wetlands. Scientifically speaking, fresh water areas are further divided into lentic systems, which are described as Stillwater lakes, ponds, swamps, and mires. The other group is the lactic systems which are the running water together with those underground waters which normally flows through rocks and aquifers. The sources of most fresh water are through precipitation from the atmosphere in the various forms like rain, mist, and snow. Fresh water is critical to the survival of many organisms. Therefore fresh water becomes important natural resources necessary for the survival of all ecosystems. The fresh water is usually put into various human activities such as irrigation, home consumption and industrial use being the major uses. The necessity of this commodity would mean that, if it was available in scarce, people or nation would end up fighting over it ownership and use. (Annin)
Across the globe, there are clear-cut forests, changing water patterns, pollution and glaciers are disappearing very fast all pointing to the diminishing availability of clean and easily assessable drinking water. As these conditions worsen, there is the likelihood of less and less arable land which can’t support farming which would feed the whole globe. The crops needed by the expected rising population growth will certainly need water which is declining in levels. In some regions like Darfur, there is already a shortage of clean water and have become preys to desertification which has been caused by high temperatures, soil erosion, deforestation and changing weather patterns. If the trends continue, there will be an ongoing concern over the once fertile land becoming inhospitable to supporting human life. This has forced people to move to those areas where their thriving is supported. Since more people will be moving to the same area in need of the clean water, a likelihood of a conflict arising is more probable. (Outwater)
There are some places also where trade agreements have meant that, the water sources have been opening to foreign investors. The investors may take the opportunity to make the commodity saleable rather than being a human right. This is an unacceptable situation which means that those who are made to purchase it will result into resistance. If it ever gets to those extreme cases where those people who can get it are those who can afford it, then there will be an uprising like it never was. This is simply because, next to the air we breathe, there is nothing more valuable to human life than fresh water and people will do anything possible to attain it. After all, they would have been left with no other choice than to die.
The major aspect that would lead to a fight over water is the decline in the usable water and overall increase in its pollution. This would mean again that less of it would be put to good use for income generation to the people. There would be several manifestation of the fight over fresh water which includes: inadequate access of safe drinking water to millions of people, limited access for water for sanitation and proper waste disposal for billions of people, overuse and excessive pollution of water resources leading to harm on biodiversity. Regional conflicts over scarce water resources sometimes would lead to warfare that were almost experienced last year in two east African countries struggling over the ownership of an island in a fresh water lake. It has been the concern of economist that, the retarding water situation has occurred due to lack of proper usage of rights, some government regulations and continued subsidies in the price of water making its consumption to rise. (Pearce)

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