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Executive summary

E-foot Company is looking into establishing itself in the market through the selling of shoes via the net. To do this the company needs to evaluate on the best opportunities available in the market in order to ensure of customer satisfaction on the products been sold. The company will be looking forward to target the young men as their key target for the sale of the shoes. The company will give the young people the opportunity to be able to come up with their own design which they will place their order online for production.
The target customer is intended to respond very positively as they are the group that like fashion especially when they are having unique products. Prices of these products will be lowly priced in order to meet the young men’s’ capabilities of purchasing. Through them the company will be able to reach to the secondary market target which is their family members as well as the shoes for the pet. The company will have to enter into an agreement with Adidas which will initially be the producers and distributors of the shoes. The company expects to capitalize on the areas where the competitors have overlooked as well as employ new promotion strategies in reaching to its customers.


There have been great strides made by companies which have realized of the many opportunities available in marketing products online. This has been attributed to the current technological advancements and the improvement of the communication sector making the world become a global market. And since there are so many companies which are situated in particular places, it becomes impossible for the lovers of their products to get easy access to their products.
Fortunately, the internet has come and solved the problem by ensuring that, one can place his/her order online and have the goods delivered at their door step without any hustles in order for the company to take advantage of the open opportunity. Another striking thing happening in the universe is the increased desire by people to have the latest designs of products and more so if the products are of their own kind.
The most hit group is the youth who are craving for uniqueness when it comes to their dressing codes. For that motivating reason, the E-company has purposed to get into the market and develop shoe brands which are mostly targeted to the young men who will be able to get the design of shoe from their own making. Hence the company has purposed to provide online designing and purchasing of shoes of the customer’s choice.
The slogan of the company will be one that suggests to the customer the kind of uniqueness the company is bringing to the market. Hence, the slogan will be, “Design your own life”. This will auger so well with the customers freedom of developing shoes of their own imagination and liking. The company logo will be as show in the appendix1 which will be revealing purposes of the e-foot company. The logo will have the color blue which means activity, being creativity and showing some kind of sports. The big letter E will let people be able to access our shoes through the internet. The lines drawn by the shoe means that, it’s the design by the customer, while the black color will show the reliability of the shoe.
Overview of The Company
E-foot is an upcoming company that wants to venture in the business of selling shoes through the internet. It’s getting to an industry that’s so much dominated by established companies which have well known brand names. To be able to overcome their comparative advantage, the company will be looking forward to establishing collaboration with the Adidas Company in order for it to use its name in the brands to be made.
It will as well participate in the collaboration through the development of designs which will be the duty of the customers to come up with their own design which the company will forward to the Adidas for production. The company initial roles will be to handle online services of advertising and receiving of orders and payments.
The customers will get the opportunity to be able to come up with shoes types of their own types, size, and color and so on. This will be made possible through shoe-design software which will be available on the company’s website to enable the customer come up with a shoe design of their own interest. To make the designing more interesting and productive, the designing will be conducted through games which the customers will enjoy as they carry on their own designing. This will be implemented to fulfill the company’s’ slogan which would say that, the customers have the overall control of having the kind of shoes they desire in their lives.
There will be thousands of shoe types from which the customers can choose from in order to personalize according to their own liking. The shoes will range from those having different kind of heels, toes, those that are flat as well as a rich variety of possible colors to match with. The customers will the opportunity to inscribe their own names if they so like on the shoe or have any other name of their choice.
There will also be some special categories type which will be going at a relatively higher price. This will be the hottest design categories which will have other added features. At the end of the day, a customer will design a shoe of their liking and then the modalities of payment online will be availed after which the order will be forwarded for production and then delivery.
Weaknesses and strengths

The major setback in the taking off of the company’s’ activities is the fact that there are competitors in the industry who are so strong and have already established their brands in the market and as a result, have a prestigious name to the customers. It will be a huge challenge to be able to get in the market and imagine the company will pose any threat to the competitors.
Another setback for the company is the fact that the company would get challenges of finding the necessary capital outlay to put up a shoe producing company at the moment. This would mean that the company would be having additional operating costs as it would be trying to repay their funders for the capital. This would be in contrast with the developed companies who operate to make profits and not repay their loans.
Another weakness would be to come up with a marketing strategy that would be successful in reaching the targeted market. Again as our company is only an under amour, its focus would be narrower as there would be no benchmark to measure or put standards to be attained. There is also the challenge of adapting to the current technology which is costly to acquire and the newness of our brand name which would be E-foot.
Despite the above weakness that the company may be deemed to have, there are also some very promising strengths that the company has and intends to capitalize on them in order to be able to sail through the trying market. The company is focused on giving priority to the uniqueness it’s bring to the industry where it will be giving the young men the opportunity to develop the own line of shoes brands. The company will aim at having strong brands which will make the company gain respect and recognition among customers. This will be enabled by the company collaborating with Adidas for manufacturing purposes.
The company will be able to enjoy the confidence that customers have on the shoes made by Adidas especially on durability. The company will also be looking forward to enjoy the large number of young people who previously had no company giving them the opportunity to develop their own design. The company will also be looking forward to see the employees working really hard in ensuring the fast growth of the company. The young men are known to have a dying longing for computer games. To be able to build on this aspect, the company will implement in its marketing strategies by having computer games which will promote the awareness of the company’s unique products.

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