Textbook: A Practical Guide to Ethics: Living and Leading with Integrity by Rita Manning & Scott R. Stroud, 2008, Westview Press
ISBN-13:  978-0-8133-4382-2
ISBN-10:  0-8133-4382-8

1.  Professional’s Obligations to Clients

In the fiduciary professional-client relationship there are specific obligations the professional must provide in order to generate faith and confidence from clients.

a.  List each of the 7 + 1 more of the professional’s obligations to clients we have studied in this unit.

b.  Provide a definition of each of the 7 + 1 obligations you listed.

c.  Explain in detail which 3 of these you find most difficult for the professional to provide, and why. Use examples to support your choices.

2.  Kant and Respect for Others

a.  Clearly describe both forms of Kant’s categorical imperative.

b.  What does it mean for a principle to be universal and reversible?

c.  Do you agree with Kant’s idea that we should “act on the basis of right intention?”  Use an example to support your answer.

3.  Aristotle and Virtuous Living

a.  Aristotle says that “a virtue is a mean between two extremes.”  In your own words, what is the meaning of this statement?

b.  Give 3 examples of Aristotelian virtues.  Be sure to mention how each one is a “mean between what 2 extremes.”

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