Essay, Philosophy

Please try and reference or bring up Cicero\’s political views. Along with Aristotle (and his ideas about ethos, pathos, and logos.)

HUMN 3010 Communication Traditions

Rhetorical Analysis Paper 150 points, approximately 750-1000 words in length

Both your topic and your paper will be submitted online through

* Paper due no later than noon on Friday, November 11th

This essay should be a thoughtful and critical essay on a topic within the field of Campaign Rhetoric of the 2016 elections, involving a practical analysis/interpretation of a person or campaign issue of note in the 2016 political election season. A minimum of two outside sources should be consulted and duly noted within the essay and in your list of works cited (in APA or MLA format). Your text should also serve as a source for you.

Select an issue or candidate from the 2016 political elections/campaigns. Pick an area that interests you and then explore it through some sort of search/brainstorming process. The essay should reflect an understanding of the material from the text(s), class discussion, and outside reading. Feel free to check with the instructor at any time for guidance.

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