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Ella Fitzgerald; Something to Live For; Watch DVD 284 in class

Mid Term Assignment. Please upload here as a PDF (use \”Print\” option in your word processor, then choose \”Save as PDF\”)

1. Finish watching Ella Fitzgerald; Something To Live For, DVD 284, on reserve in the Media Center.

2. Type no more than three pages describing why you feel Ella Fitzgeralds singing was and is so popular. Discuss her sound, style and personality. When writing your opinion, please refer to two performance excerpts or interview segments in the video that supports your opinion.

3. On a separate page include a discography of three of her recordings. You must include:

1) 1 recording from her early career; 1930-1950

2) 1 recording from her mid career; 1950-1970

3) 1 recording from her late career; 1970-1990

For each recording include the following information in this format:

Name of Recording

Year recorded

Record Label

Recording number

Recording Personnel if the information is available

Louis Armstrong; 1923, Riverside RLP 12-122
name recording year label catalog number

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