Essay, Management

Project description
Problem: Inappropriate Pricing caused Declining footwear sales because price is identical with Nike and Adidas (Two main competitors).
What do you believe the companys biggest problem was at the time the case was written?
How is this problem affecting the companys performance?
What do you believe the long-term impact of the problem will be if they are left unaddressed? ?
Why do you think so? Explain your reasoning in designating the key problem, including the methods of analysis you employed. ?
What do you believe the company should do about their problem?
What steps or measures would you suggest they take? ?
What do you expect will happen if the company acts on your recommendations?
How will your recommendations resolve their problems?
What specifically will they gain by taking your advice? ?
PS: No plagiarism Behavior
Instruction files

mgt_case.pdf(663,40 KiB)

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