Essay, History

Directions: Please write a well-reasoned, three-page essay on one of the following questions.

1. Watch the film in the internet resources folder entitled Greece: A Moment of Excellence. Via comparison with other ancient civilizations we have studied, explain how the Greeks are similar in outlook and culture to other civilizations, and explain at least one way in which they are different. Make sure to make reference to specific concepts from the film, as well as specific details from comparative cultures. Use the categories from the list below in question #2 to help structure your analysis.

2. All the ancient societies we have studied have had to find ways to keep order and provide stability. Pick 2 of the ancient cultures discussed in class and compare how they used one of the following topics to maintain order and stability:

Religion/Belief Systems
Art and Architecture

For full marks on question #2, you must quote from a primary document or name and describe an artifact as appropriate to your choice from the list.

Some possible primary sources would include: Hammurabis Code; the Ten Commandments; the Epic of Gilgamesh; the Noah flood story; the Analects, the Dao De Jing, etc.
If you choose to compare artwork from two different civilizations, use the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Timeline

Greece: A Moment of Excellence

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