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For the main source use the book The Economics of Poverty and Discrimination by Bradley Schiller 10th edition Chapter 12 Discrimination in the Labor Market

2 pages:
Schiller identifies some ways that discrimination may be produced in the work place today. Identify and describe some possible sources of discrimination today. Cherry discusses differences in the views of conservatives and liberals on discrimination. How could conservatives tend to solve discrimination? How would liberals tend to solve discrimination?

2 pages:
Inner-city residents often complain that they are charged higher prices by inner-city stores. There is even a book named The Poor Pay More that seems to support this argument.
For this research, we will do a survey of grocery prices. The survey questions are on a separate form. After your survey, describe your findings (briefly). Select two stores for comparisons. Either select a chain store and an independent store, or a store in a low-income neighborhood and a store in a middle class neighborhood.

If an item is on sale, report both the regular price and the sale price. For milk, for this survey only report on regular whole milk prices ( no organic milk, or raw milk). Regular whole milk is homogenized and pasteurized and has a fat content of more than 2% (3.5% in California). Whole milk usually cost more than 1% or 2% milk.

Many people feel that discrimination is no longer an important problem. Look for recent news stories about discrimination by race, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin or religion. Write the headline and a brief summary of the of the main point of the story on your homework and then attach the article to your homework.
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the grocery survey
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