Essay, Engineering and Construction

Write a proposal with the following specifications:
Propose the addition of a new specialized room.
oThe room should not be larger than 500 ft2 (20 x 25).
Audience: You are working for a residential design firm. They have asked you to come up with a specialized room as an add-on feature to higher-end houses or businesses. Examples of specialized rooms are: entertainment room, library and gallery, sound studio, workshop, photography room, workshop, movie theater, car showroom, and craft room.

The feasibility of actually building the room is not an issue.
Include a layout of the room showing the dimensions in MS Visio.
Budget: Include a table that lists the features in the room and the assumed cost.
oAlso make sure to include the cost of labor for construction and installation (i.e. Time x Salary/hour). Logical guesstimates are fine.
The proposal document must:
Follow the Informal Outline Process 6.1 on page 86 in the textbook( the page is in the supporting documents). Please show the room layout under Approach. Although there are potentially many steps, break down the Statement of Work to 4-5 general tasks (Construction, Installation, Tying-In, etc).
Instruction files

proposals.pdf(185,87 KiB)
proposals.pdf(185,87 KiB)

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