Essay, Computer sciences and Information technology

Your assignment is to explore any aspect of diversity as it relates to gaming and/or game design. You must choose a diversity topic of interest, investigate it thoroughly, and write a 4 page (single-spaced!!) research paper to summarize your findings and present your point of view on the topic. Critical Thinking assignments impose certain requirements on students. You must:
demonstrate a clear understanding of the assignments purpose
clearly define the issue or problem
accurately identify the core issues
appreciate depth and breadth of the problem
demonstrate fair-mindedness toward the problem
identify and evaluate relevant significant points of view
examine relevant points of view fairly, empathetically
gather sufficient, credible, relevant information: observations, statements, logic, data,
facts, questions, graphs, themes, assertions, descriptions, etc.
include information that opposes as well as supports the argued position
distinguish between information and inferences drawn from that information
identify and accurately explain/use relevant key concepts
accurately identify assumptions (things taken for granted)
make assumptions that are consistent, reasonable, and valid
follow where evidence and reason lead in order to obtain defensible, thoughtful, logical
conclusions or solutions
make deep rather than superficial inferences
make inferences that are consistent with each other
identify the most significant implications and consequences of the reasoning (positive
and/or negative)
distinguish probable from improbable implications
Feel free to choose any topic related to cultural, ethnic, gender, race, age, and national origin diversity as it relates to gaming. This includes both game playing and game design/development.
For example, you can investigate gender-based game playing (i.e. which gender plays more
game, what kind of games, etc.), or you can investigate which gender is more involved with
game development (i.e. are there more male or female game designers, script writers, game artists, game programmers, etc.).

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