English Renaissance Drama/Modern Comedy

Referring to at least TWO plays (“Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay”, “Mother Bombie”, “If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody, Part 2”, “The Shoemaker’s Holiday”, “A Chaste Maid in Cheapside”, “Knight of the Burning Pestle”, “The Merchant of Venice”) respond to ONE of following statements about comedy.  In your response, be sure to clarify the terms that you’re using and to explain how you’ve interpreted the statement to which you’re responding.  As in all essays, your paper requires a strong, argumentative thesis statement supported by evidence from the texts to which you’re responding.

a.    “Comedy labors, perennially, in the service of life over death.”
b.    “There is nothing more depressing than early modern comedy: it reminds me of spending a day with my old, racist uncle.”
c.    “Tragedy, for Aristotle, offers katharsis, or a satisfying purgation of unpleasant feelings; comedy works in the opposite direction, bottling-up feelings which feel best satisfy us when they run free.”

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