enemy at the gates

1. What is the historical context? What event/person/theme does the historical film portray?
2. Is this film a legitimate historical source? Why or why not?
3. Were there inaccuracies in the movie compared to the material in our course, which covers that time-period and event/person?s life?
4. How did the depiction of this event or person compare to reading about the same topic in a textbook?
5. How is race, class, or gender integrated into film?
6. What biases from the director?s presentation of the main themes did you observe during the film? What does it tell us about Soviet attitudes at this time? How does the film portray Russian life?
7. What did the film add to your understanding of the period it covered?
8. Did the film have a lasting impact at the time of release on society?s perspective of the event and people involved?
9. Did the film change your perspective about the people or event?

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