EMS Design Worksheet

Words: 135
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

• Design an EMS using the EMS Model in Figure 3-2 in Ch. 3 of ISO 14000 Environmental Management, the information developed for the target company’s EMS Analysis Worksheet from Week One, and the provided EMS Design Worksheet.
• Report the details for each of the company’s EMS activities on the EMS Analysis Worksheet. Assume one does not currently exist. The How and Where columns of the EMS Design Worksheet are blacked out for this assignment
• Assignment Breakdown for Learning Team –
1. Choose organization from teammates’ selections
a. Team’s Choice Samsung_

2. Design an EMS using the EMS Model outline below, EMS Analysis Worksheet, and EMS Design Worksheet (There are six team members – each team member choose at least two portions of assignment; since there are 15 portions, for those of you willing, select three so we cover everything)

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