Employment Law (England)

Words: 131
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

Air Freight Deliveries Ltd. (AFD);

1. Identify the parties to a contract of employment;
2. Understand the legal principles underpinning the sources of and methods of creating obligations under a contract;
3. Outline the methods by which a contract may be terminated at common law and the principles relating to statutory termination rights;
4. Have an accurate and up-to-date knowledge of anti-discrimination and case law;
5. Explain the circumstances in which an equal pay claim might be brought and the process by which it is decided;
6. Understand the role played by anti-discrimination legislation and other employment protection legislation in controlling and moulding future conduct and attitudes;
7. Apply the above principles to a range of situations and identify the issues and problems;
8. Propose a range of solutions to problems, demonstrating knowledge of the uncertainty of the law.

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