Economics through the eyes of faith

For the “term” paper, you will be submitting a 4-5 page double-spaced paper (not including cover page and reference page; approximately 1200-1500 words) on the integration of Christianity and Economics by Week 7. Even though the paper is not due until Week 7, you should begin working on it now. Having an outline will help you with committing to start your paper early and receiving feedback from your instructor. Procrastination is highly discouraged. Below is the requirement of the paper:
Christians living in the United States are confronted with public policies that are inconsistent with biblical principles. It shouldn’t be a surprise that economics is often the driving force behind public policies. For example, the new healthcare law requires employers to provide their employees insurance that cover the cost of abortion. Another example is the extension of the legal limit for drinking and driving. The number of states approving same sex marriage is also on the rise. While some of the decision makers may make their decisions on the bases of human rights, some, unfortunately, were motivated by the potential increase in tax revenue (in the case of same-sex marriage) as well-to-do same-sex married couples will likely be on a higher tax bracket, thus paying more tax, both to the federal government and state. Each of these areas is both controversial and can be examined using the study of economics and especially through the eyes of faith. In your paper, you are to identify at least two of these issues (or similar ones of your choice – be sure to run them by your instructor beforehand) and discuss the biblical perspective that can guide us to make the right policies. As you research and write your paper, please keep in mind that it is about economics and faith, not one or the other. Use of outside references is important to strengthen your argument. For this paper, a minimum of 5 scholarly references is expected

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